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David Archuleta Welcomes the Christmas Season With 'Dios Muy Alegre Albergó' Video: Watch

12/4/2018 by Suzette Fernandez

    David Archuleta has marked the beginning of the Christmas season with the release of his new video “Dios Muy Alegre Albergó,” exclusively premiering on Billboard today (Dec. 4).

    The song is part of his Spanish-language Christmas EP, Navidad, which contains four songs that speak to his Honduran roots in the celebration of the Christmas season. This is the first time that Archuleta has released a project completely in Spanish.

    "Navidad is a production dedicated to my family and Latino fans who have waited for years for me to release something in Spanish,” Archuleta says.

    Watch the video for “Dios Muy Alegre Albergó” below.