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Why he likes Christmas: David Archuleta counts the ways

December 17, 2018 



As the days drew closer to the beginning of his Christmas concert tour, singer David Archuleta posted a list on his Facebook page.

The list was eight lines, and dubbed, “One Week Until Tour.” And they listed the reasons why he couldn’t wait for the tour.

The list read: “1. Christmas Songs; 2. Seeing the fans; 3. Magic in the air; 4. Songs off of both Christmas albums; 5. 14 cities, 15 shows; 6. New Yelp restaurants to find; 7. The Spirit of Christmas; 8. New memories to make.”

In a call from a slightly chilly Tennessee (48 degrees), Archuleta—who was runner-up on “American Idol” in 2008— spoke about the meaning behind the list.

Archuleta comes to The Warehouse in Fairfield on Tuesday, Dec. 18.

Archuleta said he cited “Christmas songs” on his list because Christmas music is his “favorite kind of music.” And he said his Christmas shows are his favorite because even if the audience doesn’t know his music they do know the songs of the season.

“Everyone can relate,” said Archuleta, “and it brings back memories.”

“See the fans” was on his list, he explained, because he has been working on his new Christmas album, “Winter In The Air” since last January. “This is the first time I’m touring with the new Christmas album,” said Archuleta. “It’s exciting to share it.”

Archuleta said he’s the type of artist who when he records a new album, he goes “through a roller coaster of emotions, ‘Will people like this?… Will people even go to a show?”

“It’s fun to see the audience’s reaction (to new music),” said Archuleta. “You can see people send messages through Instagram and Facebook (about music).” But there’s a different experience when you can see their reactions in person.

Archuleta said he cited “Magic in the air” because “there’s just this excitement in the holiday.”

It may be a bit hectic, he said, but “ people are a little nicer, kinder; they’re humming Christmas songs; it’s colder, but there’s something about the about the cold crispness of winter.”

In terms of “Songs off of both Christmas albums” and “14 Cities, 15 Shows,” Archuleta said, “I really loved doing the first Christmas album (‘Christmas From The Heart’)… I’m looking forward (to performing it for fans).”

“I love Yelp, it’s my favorite thing to do,” said Archuleta when asked about “New Yelp restaurants to find.” He said, “There’s always something new when you travel… It’s a surprise.”

Archuleta said he likes “The Spirit of Christmas” because of the kindness people exhibit.

And he likes “New memories to make” because “remembering is a very powerful thing to do.” He said, “At Christmas, we remember times with family.” Also he said, “We remember the greatest event in history, Christ’s birth.”

Touring, however, offers an opportunity to experience new events that one can remember later, said Archuleta. “There are new stories, and new people… There are moments on stage”

“Whatever memories come up,” said Archuleta, “I’m looking forward to them.”

David Archuleta comes to The Warehouse, 70 Sanford St., Fairfield on Tuesday, Dec. 18 at 7 p.m.

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