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Colbie Caillat, David Archuleta prep for ‘BYU Spectacular!’

Utah-based pop singer and “American Idol” Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta never thought the next time he’d share the stage with pop artist Colbie Caillat would be in his home state, and at Brigham Young University of all places.

“I wouldn’t have expected that, but it’s a nice surprise,” Archuleta told the Daily Herald in a recent phone interview.

The two sang at many of the same events when Archuleta first started performing, he said, and will share the stage once again for “BYU Spectacular!” this week.

“I’m excited. It’ll be my second time performing there,” said Archuleta, who previously headlined “BYU Spectacular!” in 2015. “They always have such productions with the dancers and the choirs, and they really organize it really nicely, so I’m looking forward to it.”

Archuleta said he has been a fan of Caillat’s since before he started his music career.

“She’s a very sweet, kind soul,” Archuleta said.

Caillat told the Daily Herald in a recent phone interview she has also been looking forward to the show, which has been on the books for about a year.

“I’m very excited for all the different musical parts and that David Archuleta’s going to be there and that the vocal choir is going to be there,” Caillat said. “There’s so many different parts to this show, and I’ve never done something like this before, so I’m really excited to get to work with a bunch of talented people and create this show together.”

Several BYU student groups also will perform at the homecoming event, including Women’s ChorusVocal PointCougarettesLiving LegendsYoung AmbassadorsSynthesis and Syncopation, formerly known as Jazz Voices.

“I think BYU students are very, very talented people, and I think they’ve even gained a reputation for their talents and music and dancing over the years, and so I’m very excited to perform with them again,” Archuleta said.

Caillat said she thinks having so many people involved will make the show “really dynamic.”

“We’re just going to have lots of surprises for the songs that we’ve chosen for the show and how we went about putting the songs, the musical aspect, together and vocals,” Caillat said.

Archuleta said it can be “a little intimidating sometimes” to perform with such a large group, but it’s also nice to feel supported.

“Usually, it’s not just you singing, but everyone is performing the song with you, and it just gives you this boost,” Archuleta said. “You feel lifted.”

Caillat said she did musical theater when she was very young, but hasn’t done anything like that since then, so singing with an a cappella group, choir and a band that is not her own will be a “brand new” experience for her.

“I already know how talented they are, so I’m just excited to get to meet them and get out of my comfort zone a little bit of what I’m used to and put on a really unique show for the audience,” Caillat said.

Archuleta said the organizers of the event have selected both original songs and covers for the artists to perform that have to do with the theme of light.

Caillat, who has found songwriting to be a form of personal therapy, said she writes songs about both the good times and the bad, but she always likes to “look at the optimistic point of view.”

“Even though I’m going through something bad right now, I always would like to think of how it’s going to be better in the future,” Caillat said. “I think for my own self in that moment and for anyone who would be listening, I wanted them to know we can all go through bad times, but we can also look forward to those times ending, and how we get ourselves out of them is very important as well.”

Caillat said she hopes those who attend “BYU Spectacular!” have a great time and love the talent and hard work that has gone into the event.

“We just want it to be a fun night for us and for the viewers and listeners, and if people listening and watching could leave there having a great memory, a great time with whoever they came with, and that memory lasts on, I think that’s what we all love about music — either writing a song, listening to a song or going to a concert — is the everlasting memories that it leaves with us,” Caillat said.