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5 Questions: David Archuleta

5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –

David Archuleta became a star when he was just 16 years old. In 2008, more than 30 million television viewers fell in love with his angelic voice and their 44 million votes made him runner-up in Season 7 of “American Idol.”

With a massive social media following (3.5 million Facebook followers, 1.3 million on Twitter and over 300K on Instagram), David has toured all over the U.S., Canada, Asia and has even performed in the Middle East for the U.S. troops.  David released his 8th studio album, Winter In The Air, in the fall of  2018 and is set to release a brand new pop album in late 2019.

SD: Can you believe your ten-year anniversary of your time on “American Idol” recently passed. How has your life changed?

DA: Oh boy, it has changed a lot. Looking back at that time, one moment I am in high school and then I am singing on national television. I wasn’t pursing a music career. I only auditioned for the show out of curiosity and because I was a fan of it. In the blink of an eye, I have a recording contract, I am touring, and millions of people know who I am.  Being on the show, was so life changing. It took over a year for me to realize what had happened. The first year was non-stop. So, ten years later, I feel like I have gained a lot of life and industry experience that has really helped me become the person I am today.

SD: You have a bunch of upcoming shows scheduled. What is your favorite thing about touring?

DA: I love seeing how people respond to the music in person. You get a feeling that you hope they are enjoying it when you release a new song or album. In a live show, you get to interact with the audience, you get to see the music you created and how it impacts them. It’s an amazing experience.

SD: What does music mean to you?

DA: For me, it’s a language, its communication, its expression, and its therapeutic. Things that I don’t understand, I can make sense of through music. Listening to a song, sometimes makes me feel what I need..   

SD: I didn’t realize that you were also a songwriter. What do you find most inspires you to write a song?

DA: It’s a feeling. I have to pay attention to what I am feeling. I can write from any emotions that I am going through. A lot of songs come from heavy emotions and all I know how to do to get them out is through music. I find songwriting to be very therapeutic. Sometimes I don’t know why I was feeling a certain emotion, but after I write, I am like “oh wow, that is where that came from.” 

SD: What are you hoping your next ten years looks like?

DA: I am hoping that I can continue to make music, that it continues to stay relevant. I hope that in another ten years, I can look back and say, “This music will last.” My dream is to always make music that will leave an impression and an impact on people’s hearts. 


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