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David Archuleta brings passion, smiles to Fargo

Between his powerful voice and hilarious pronunciations of ‘bison,’ Archuleta thrills audience

If you grew up watching “American Idol,” then you most likely know of runner-up David Archuleta from season 7. He was the teen heartthrob of the season known for his charismatic smile. Now, he is finding his passion in music once again with his latest album “Postcards in The Sky.”

On April 4, Archuleta visited North Dakota for the first time as part of his 2019 North American Tour at the Sanctuary Events Center in downtown Fargo.

Every North Dakotan in attendance laughed as Archuleta did not understand what a bison was and kept trying to understand how to say it correctly.

This was one of the more adorable concerts I’ve ever been to. Between his smile, dancing and the swinging of his feet when he sat on the wooden stool, there was a sweetness to his performances.

Because many people in the crowd knew him from his start on “American Idol,” he explained how crazy it was to go from the show to releasing music.

After placing second in America’s singing competition, he took a couple years off to become a missionary. Many screamed in praise for his mission completion, and later the crowd would bow their heads as he sang “You Say” by Lauren Daigle.

For years people were wondering where he went in the music industry, and when he came back after his mission he thought about quitting music because of how intense and controlling it felt.

He used to be shy and barely spoke, but now he found “how powerful it can be — to speak,” Archuleta said. The song that inspired the album, “Postcards in The Sky” speaks out to those who feel that their words don’t matter.

The best part of the show was hearing the gasps among the crowd as Archuleta ended the show without singing his most well-known and hit song from his first album, “Crush.”

After singing a mash-up of his song “Seasons” and the song “Happier” by Marshmello featuring Bastille, he thanked the crowd and skipped off stage. Every person in the audience became mad and chanted “Crush” until he ran back on stage to fulfill the fans’ request. The bass thumped as he danced back and forth, touching each fan’s hand and singing along with the crowd.

Once Archuleta opened the stage with his song “Falling Stars,” there were passionate screams from the fangirls in the crowd. He then transitioned into his older album with “A Little Too Not Over You.”

The whole night was Archuleta introducing his new singles and albums while also including his roots to not disappoint his long-time fans.

When Archuleta sang ballads, he showed off the pureness of his voice that he has always been known for. It was so pure that it seemed as though he was lip-syncing.

When he broke out the stool to sit down and slow the music, everyone became excited to feel the goosebumps spread as he sang, filling the crowd with smiles. Once he started singing “Shallow” from the movie “A Star Is Born,” every person in the crowd started singing along.

“I’m ready, I’m ready for a change. I’m not afraid to lose and leave it all behind,” Archuleta sang. His lyrics for “I’m ready” relate to any person dealing with a change, especially for those in college with the many changes, so his voice spoke to those in the audience.