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David Archuleta Spreads Holiday Cheer With *NSYNC in 'Winter in the Air: Deluxe Edition' Ahead of Christmas Tour (Exclusive)

By TANIA HUSSAIN - November 18, 2019 10:00 am EST

After first enamoring music lovers more than a decade ago on American Idol with his warm persona and silky voice at just 16, singer and songwriter, David Archuleta is all grown up and ready to spread holiday cheer this season with the deluxe edition of his Christmas record, Winter in the Air. Featuring three new tracks, including a cover of *NSYNC’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,” the 28-year-old continues to tenderly capture sentiments of the season with a refreshed issue of last year’s record fans will revere as a festive favorite.

And after three incarnations of holiday music stemming from his 2009 release of Christmas From the Heart and no doubt, a growing collection of Christmas cover classics, Archuleta tells PopCulture.com exclusively he is most definitely a big fan of the season.

“I do love Christmas!” Archuleta laughed with PopCulture.com about the continued admiration heard in his holiday catalog, adding how he is also equally excited about heading out on a tour weaving through the likes of Atlanta, Nashville and Portland this winter starting Nov. 23. “It is my favorite holiday and they’re my favorite tours to do as well just because there’s a special feeling to them, the magic of Christmas.”

Archuleta shares how heading out on the holiday tour this month while singing a number of Christmas classics feels a lot like he’s “soaring” when getting the chance to sing such beloved tracks. “Some of [the songs] can feel so divine when you sing them and it’s almost like you’re praising because you’re saying words like ‘Hallelujah,’ and ‘Oh, come let us adore him’ or things like that,” he admitted.

With the music and tour feeling like a “spiritual experience” for the singer-songwriter, the former Idol runner-up shares it’s also why he chose to cover festive music in the first place.

“To get to do that and tie it back into just making a fun show as well [and] with Christmas you can do both — you can make it fun and ‘Holly Jolly,’ but you can also just sing songs like, ‘O, Holy Night’ and just songs that are really powerful and have a powerful message to them,” Archuleta said. “And it’s just so great to do both and people are in Christmas, so they’re all up for it. They’re all about those feelings and that Christmas magic that takes place during the holidays.”