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David Archuleta Releases Brand New Christmas Album Winter In the Air Today


Christmas Tour Kicks off November 26 in Los Angeles.


Original Song “Christmas Every Day” available now  

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Los Angeles, CA - November 2, 2018 -  As reported by Billboard magazine , Multi-platinum selling artist David Archuleta releases his brand new Christmas album Winter In The Air  today via The Orchard (digital) and Shadow Mountain Records (physical product). The albums can be ordered here  and is available at all digital retailers.
Photo credit: Robby Klein
Artwork: Libby Elming
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Winter In The Air features 12 tracks including Christmas classics such as “White Christmas,” God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,” “Holly Jolly Christmas” and “Mary, Did You Know?”  In addition to co-writing the lead single “Christmas Every Day,” David also co-wrote the title track “Winter In The Air” and “He Is Born” for the new set. 

“Christmas Every Day” captures the holiday spirit with David’s hopeful and cheery lyrics–

“Christmas Every Day” captures the holiday spirit with David’s hopeful and cheery lyrics –

Sidewalks covered up in snow
Lights up everywhere we go
Santa’s on his way,
It’s Christmas every day
Friends all warmed up by the fire,
Sometimes I just wish that
I could always feel this way
Like it’s Christmas every day

If I could have one more gift just for me
Joy to the world it would be
With more Christmases under the tree.

David says: I tend to gravitate to more serious and slower Christmas songs. This time I wanted to have some fun and write a song that would make people happy and feel the joy of the holidays. With the help of Dave Barnes and Cason Cooley, Im thrilled with how our song “Christmas Every Day” turned out! It makes me happy.

Photo credit: Robby Klein
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Winter In The Air is David’s second Christmas album since 2009’s Christmas From The Heart release.  Christmas From The Heart has made a return to the charts every holiday season and has sold over 250K copies to date.  The album peaked at #2 on Billboard’s Holiday chart and Top 30 on Billboard’s Top 200 Album chart.

In support of the new release, David will kick-off a month long tour beginning November 26 in Los Angeles and will wrap up on December 21 in Utah.  Other cities on the trek include New York, Orlando & Nashville.  Click here for ticketing info:





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Photo credit: Robby Klein
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About David Archuleta

David Archuleta became a star when he was just 16 years old. In 2008, more than 30 million television viewers fell in love with his angelic voice and their 44 million votes made him runner-up in Season 7 of “American Idol.” 

Soon after, the young Utahan had his first single, “Crush” debut at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart the week of its release. According to Nielsen SoundScan, the track sold 166,000 downloads that first week in the U.S. and subsequently more than 1.92 million digital copies. Three months later, Davids self-titled album, “David Archuleta,” went gold, selling more than 750,000 copies in the U.S., and more than 900,000 copies worldwide.

With a massive social media following (3.5 million Facebook followers, 1.3 million on Twitter and over 300K on Instagram), David has toured all over the U.S., Canada, Asia and has even performed in the Middle East for the U.S. troops.  David will release his 8th studio album, Winter In The Air  this fall.

Tour Dates:

11/26 Los Angeles, CA The Troubadour
12/1 San Bernadino, CA Special Orchestra show California Theatre for the Performing Arts
12/3 St. George, UT Burns Arena @ Dixie College
12/4 Grand Junction, CO Avalon Theatre
12/6 Mesa, AZ Mesa Arts Center
12/8 Logan, UT Logan High School
12/10 Provo, UT UCCU @ UVU
12/11 Orlando, FL The Plaza Live
12/13 & 14 Franklin, TN Franklin Theatre
12/15 Athens, GA Hodgson Concert Hall
12/17 New York, NY Highline Ballroom
12/18 Fairfield, CT The Warehouse
12/20 Vernal, UT Vernal Middle School
12/21 Richfield, UT Sevier Valley Arena

Track By Track Commentary from David:


Christmas Every Day

I tend to gravitate to more serious and slower Christmas songs. This time I wanted to have some fun and write a song that would make people happy and feel the joy of the holidays. I felt the pressure of trying to write an upbeat Christmas song as I thought it would be easy to fail miserably. With the help of Dave Barnes and Cason Cooley, Im thrilled with how our song turned out! It makes me happy. :D


God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

This was the first song I had in mind to put on the Christmas album. Ive always loved the melody. Although I originally had in mind to do a more traditional version (as I always lean towards) producer John Hancock experimented with a more modern rhythm and asked what I thought. I loved it and I even felt a Latin vibe to it so I threw in the Spanish chant that you hear. This led to recording a full Spanish version and thus Spanish EP for the Latino fans.


Marys Boychild

One time at my friends house I heard her playing a Christmas playlist and Little River Band came in singing their version of this Boney M. song. I loved how the chorus soared—so much that I added it to my Christmas concerts. Now I add it to this album.


Some Children See Him

I wasnt familiar with this song before. John Hancock showed us a list of Christmas songs he had gathered from working on Kaskades album, and Cason Cooley was a fan of the song so he took a try at it. I liked the perspective of how we dont know exactly what Christ looked like but no matter where in the world and how you imagine Christ to look, all who hear the Christmas story of his birth feel the peace and the love of the Savior.


Holly Jolly Christmas

This has always been one of my favorite Christmas songs. While I dont usually go for up tempo songs I thought Id give myself the challenge and try my take on this song that Ive always loved listening to.


O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

I am a sucker for these kinds of songs that have the long notes and an old historic feel to its melody. I am so happy how John Hancock captured the balance of eeriness in its melody yet joy and grandness in its lyrics.


He is Born

With a 2nd shot at a Christmas album I wanted to write a Christmas song that captured how I really feel about the meaning of Christmas. I wanted to express my testimony of the Saviors amazing, marvelous birth and what that made me feel. I look at the lyrics and get emotional because I feel them with all my heart. Im so grateful Isabeau Miller and Cason Cooley helped me convey this message in my heart into this song as we wrote this song together.


White Christmas

I have sung this in my live Christmas concerts the last couple of years and it seemed the audience and all of us on stage always had a fun time with it. I thought itd be fun to do my own version of this classic song.


Mary, Did You Know?

This has always been a favorite of mine to sing. Looking at the perspective Mary had with the baby Lord in her arms, wondering what was to become of this baby she was holding. We had an approach to make it feel like you were listening to it in a room with a trio feel of musicians so that it was intimate.


Winter in the Air

I love the spiritual message during Christmas, but I also love the general vibe of winter time. I thought itd be a good challenge to write a song about sharing that intimate moment of experiencing the crisp winter air with someone you love.


In the Bleak Midwinter

I loved hearing Sissels version of this song. That old-feeling melody that always makes me swoon. I wanted it to feel like it was in an ice castle surrounded in that white-blue color that you see in glaciers. I feel John Hancock did a great job capturing that in the production.



While this isnt a holiday song, I feel its a song that fits all seasons of life. There is a spirit in the air during the holidays and I think this song penned by Stephanie Mabey compliments that spirit. This song has become a signature in my live performances and was a pivotal moment in my artistry when I returned from my 2 year mission in 2014. While I was never able to officially release the recording I did previously, I thought Id do a similar but slightly slower and fresher version of this song so it could be more easily accessible for fans.

David Archuleta Bio

Platinum-selling pop star David Archuleta doesn’t like attention, but he deserves yours.

At 6 years old, Archuleta, who grew up on a steady diet of musicals like Les Misérables and Evita, developed a love for singing as a way to find solace in the comfort of his backyard. Before long, family, friends and neighbors started to notice, and at 9 years old, coaxed by the promise of free quesadillas, he was singing for crowds at a local restaurant. And in 2007, when the then-16-year-old (now 26), appeared on American Idol, the world started noticing. Receiving 44 percent of nearly 100 million votes, the shy, fresh-faced vocal prodigy was runner-up on the hit show’s seventh season, finishing behind David Cook.

“I didn’t really want to pursue fame and stardom,” Archuleta,recalls. “But I felt like it was something I needed to do to fulfill one of the assignments I’d been given in my life.”

A record deal with Sony/Jive Records, arena tours, a No. 2 single (“Crush”) on the Billboard Hot 100, acclaim from the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Kelly Clarkson and Rihanna, and international fame followed. But even after running the gamut from Top 40 pop to holiday music on six studio albums and 21 singles, released over the past decade, the TV personality, bestselling author and former Star Search Junior Vocal Champion and one of American Idol’s youngest breakout wunderkinds was still just finding his voice.

“I think American Idol, the whole process, from the momentum on afterwards, I never took time to slow down and think about who I was,” the singer says. “People wanted me to work in an adult world without growing up. … When I went on my mission, it was the first time that I took time to say, ‘Who am I? What do I want?’

“When I got back, I started doing music again, and that’s when I started working on this project.”

“The music is all about saying, ‘Wait a second, why am I doing this in the first place?’ ” Archuleta says, explaining where his head was at when he relocated to Nashville to start writing songs with Music City luminaries like former Civil Wars star Joy Williams, Jeremy Bose, Trent Dabbs, Katie Herzig, producer Jamie Kenney and others.

“It was therapeutic working with them,” Archuleta recalls. “I wrote these stories [my career so far]. … That was a great experience and I learned a ton, and now I’m here and I’m like, ‘Wow! I get to create music, but this time I have my own reason to do it.”

“I connect to my songs more now than I ever have,” he goes on to say. “Before, my team had goals to fulfill; they didn’t really care about my story, they were just like, ‘Make sure you have enough love songs that we can release, because that’s what people want to buy.’ I’ve never been about romance and breakups and high school love and all that. I’ve always been about life, and self-introspection.”

“I think I’ll take a second chance,” Archuleta sings with a familiar bell-clear powerhouse croon on lead single “Numb,” an airy pop tune with a refreshing calypso feel that shows some of the Utah-by-way-of-Miami native’s Latin roots.

“This is like a new beginning,” Archuleta explains excitedly, saying he’s never felt so intrinsically fulfilled and electrified by his own music. “It’s not just taking another chance with music, it’s taking another chance on myself. … I need to be who I am or else I’ll go numb again.”

Like with “Numb,” the theme of the anthemic “Invincible” turns the phrase its title suggests.

“[It’s] about not having to be invincible,” Archuleta says. “I’ve felt too many times that I need to be perfect, I need to be invincible, I can’t show any weakness. But really, that’s what creates the battle with myself. … [Then I have to tell myself], ‘It’s OK, you can let go. Let the armor down. Put the sword away.’ ”

That idea carries through on “Up All Night.” It’s a dance-pop gem Archuleta wrote about a rural Tennessee fishing trip he took with a family he befriended. Coming during a rough patch he was having in Nashville, the trip gave the singer some much-needed perspective at a time when he was imposing a paralyzing amount of pressure on himself to prove himself.

“They just cared about each other,” Archuleta says of the family. “Whoever I was, they just loved me and accepted me, and made me feel like a was a part of the family. … I felt whole again, I felt rejuvenated, and I went home and I couldn’t sleep that night. And all that happened was I went fishing with this family. I was like, ‘I have to get this feeling out of me.’ So I went over to the keyboard and [“Up All Night”] is what came out.”

“Say Me,” a string-section-boasting ballad co-written with Bose and Dabbs, is another rumination on the singer’s battle for self-discovery. “I need you to say me,” the lyric goes.

“That can be interpreted as a love song,” Archuleta admits. “I need you to say you, basically — believe in yourself. … There’s a difference between being prideful and cocky and believing in yourself.”

After a decade under the discerning eyes of American Idol judges, TV viewers, record label know-it-alls and music critics trying to shape and define his identity, Archuleta has discovered he’s the only one who can find himself, and, with confidence winning out over self-doubt, that’s what he’s done on Postcards In The Sky.

“These songs are about the struggle of finding your own voice and how hard it can be sometimes to believe in yourself. … I’m David. I’m the kid who always sat in his backyard, alone, singing to the cats. I don’t have to be cool, I just have to be David.”