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Archuleta set to perform Christmas concert Saturday

on December 5, 2018 at 8:48 am

David Archuleta will be performing in Logan on Saturday at Logan High School. This performance will begin the last leg of his “Winter in the Air” Tour.

The tour will promote Archuleta’s new album, “Winter in the Air,” the second Christmas album of his career. This album includes a wide range of pop-like Christmas songs and more traditional, reverent songs.

“Even when I was recording the first (Christmas album), I knew I had to do another one,” Archuleta said. “It is my favorite time of year; people’s hearts are open at Christmas time.”

Danielle Knowles, a student at Utah State University, has been a fan of Archuleta since he appeared on American Idol in 2008.

“I absolutely love his Christmas music. It has such a warm sound to it, but at the same time, it makes you so cheerful. I always want to go play in the snow and drink hot chocolate after I listen to it,” Knowles said.

Archuleta said Christmas shows are his favorite type of show to perform, especially because they are a rare occasion.

“There is just a feeling that isn’t there for any other kind of show, they are songs that everyone knows and loves,” Archuleta said. “It is something that everyone can enjoy, even if they don’t know me and my music.”

Archuleta has several goals for this album and tour, including spreading Christmas joy to his fans.

“I want people to feel like it is a good show that gets them into the Christmas spirit, that is my number one goal,” he said.

This particular tour differs from his past tours because of the fun and reminiscent ambiance of Archuleta’s songs, costumes and the “Winter in the Air” album itself.

“I wanted to have fun with (this tour), I wanted it to have a sort of 50s-era style to it,” Archuleta said. “I have a fun 50s-style microphone in the music video for “Winter in the Air,” so we wanted to just have fun and dress up throughout the tour.”

John Oliverez is a junior at USU, and listened to Archuleta’s “Winter in the Air” for the first time this week at the urging of his girlfriend.

“I had never been much of a David Archuleta fan before, but I can honestly say after I listened to this Christmas album, I am looking forward to hearing more of his stuff,” Oliverez said.

Archuleta co-wrote three original songs on the album, of which he says “He is Born” is his favorite.

“I live in Nashville, it has that Nashville vibe, a sort of spiritual revival, a piece of home and my testimony of Christ. What that means to me is the baby Jesus being born and being able to sing ‘hallelujah he is born,’” Archuleta said.

Archuleta said he got his inspiration for the new songs from the fun, spiritual, and holiday feeling he gets around the holidays.

He said one of his goals is “to take (the audience) through a winter wonderland in this album.”

Shelby Connors is a graduate student at USU. She says she has been listening to Christmas music “since September” and Archuleta’s Christmas music is always at the top of her playlist.

“His Christmas music just has a fun feel to it, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. It also doesn’t remind me of any other Christmas artist, he is just himself,” Connors said.

Archuleta says his voice, as well as his new arrangements of Christmas classics, sets him apart from other Christmas albums.

“(The new songs) are my own arrangements, and the traditional songs have a twist to them. For example, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” is very different on this album with a Spanish-pop feel,” Archuleta said.

Archuleta is originally from Sandy, Utah, and is excited to be able to perform in his home state once again.

“My audience here, we have a real connection since they rooted for me (on American Idol). I love getting to perform to people that understand where I come from and enjoy that unspoken connection,” he said.

Beside his performance, he said he is excited to spend time with his family and participate in the Utah traditions his family takes part in every year.

“I love being able to share my music with people all around the world, but it is especially exciting to get to share it with my family when I am home in Utah,” he said.

Tracey Allred, a senior at USU, has been to three David Archuleta concerts in the past in both Utah and Arizona, and has tickets to his concert Saturday.

“I am so looking forward to seeing him perform on his home-turf again. I feel whenever I see him perform in Utah, he is just more invested, calm and excited to be here. I’ll be in the front row cheering him on whenever he decides to come home,” said Allred.

Archuleta’s album is out now and available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.