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David Archuleta's Christmas Tour stops in Show Low Dec. 2

SHOW LOW — David Archuleta was only 16 years old in 2008 when he became runner-up in American Idol’s seventh season and was thrust into stardom. Now, 11 years later, his 2019 Christmas Tour brings you a more mature Archuleta who is coming to terms with who he really is, and how he plans to use his God-given talent. Show Low High School Auditorium Monday, Dec. 2, will be the seventh stop on his 2019 Christmas Tour with three new songs on that release which will validate his coming-to-terms with stardom.

On Nov. 14, the deluxe edition of Archuleta’s 2018 album “Winter in The Air” was released, just in time for the 2019 Christmas Tour. Moving forward in his career his “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” video features cameo appearances of NSYNC’s Lance Bass and Chris Kirkpatrick.

Though a star in every sense of the word, Archuleta is more like a regular person than you might think. His current pop single, “Paralyzed,” released in August is his first new music since 2017’s “Postcards In The Sky” release. That song, written by Archuleta, is a rant of sorts in which he shares his frustrations about the fears and procrastination that have paralyzed him from grabbing opportunities he or others believe he should have.

After Idol, Archuleta was on the fast-track and really didn’t have time to think about what had happened to him – he just boarded the train. From time to time he would entertain brief epiphanies of what felt real to him versus what was not but those moments were few and far between with a full agenda before him.

“I always felt out of place,” said Archuleta. “Naturally, attention was not something I sought after. I prefer to be on the sidelines and let my voice do the work and get to watch the effects of it. (But) it doesn’t work that way,” he acknowledged.

Two years after Idol, he found himself in Madison Square Garden performing between Kanye West and Chris Brown.

“I was second to last,” he said. “What is being near the end?” he asked. “Is it a breather? (It was) still an amazing experience being in the arena with thousands of people in New York City giving me energy.”

“One person I worked with said, ‘You must be on cloud nine. This is what it is all about.’ I liked the process, but I felt something was wrong with me. It is definitely an exciting, fun story, but something was missing. But, I could not put my finger on it,” recalled Archuleta. “If I have it in my hands, it is something lasting?”

Archuleta said he recalled a story about feeding a deer. He said people brought hay to the deer so it would not starve. It ate all the hay but died because it did not get the nutrition it needed. He asked himself, ‘Do I need to eat more hay? Am I a phony, or am I just kidding himself?’ He said they told him this should make him happy, and he was well aware that people who get to do what he does work so hard to get there.

That may have been the beginning for Archuleta to realize that though he is dependent on his entertainment career for a living, there are things that give him the “musician nutrition” to keep him alive. “I do not want to die with my stomach full,” he said.

“Being grateful for and loved and adored by a lot of people and seeking more of it is what I was told I should want. Something must be wrong with me because I need to change my attitude and the way I think.”

“I am grateful,” he continued. “I love to experience things on a personal level.” He said he asked himself, “What do I need to change myself to enjoy this moment?”

“You love the simple things. You like person-to-person contact – meeting the person on the street; alone time. Do not let people take that away from you.”

Things that inspire Archuleta to write more are good conversations with people and heavy emotions that build up inside of him — like when a relationship ends or perhaps a falling out with someone. Those heavy emotions inside spill out and he says that is when he writes.

“I am still in the process,” said David, who is amazed that still 11 years after American Idol people still come up to him and say ‘I voted for you. I voted for you twice.”

From time to time Archuleta says he has to take a break from social media – from the likes. “I need it -breaks,” he said. “Our value is not on what other people think of us. It is a great way to connect – I remind myself my value is not placed on how many likes I get.”

He tells himself, “It is OK, David, you are never going to please everybody.” He does not, however want to have people say, ‘He could have done so much more.’

“I get to release music and go on a Christmas Tour,” Archuleta says with gratitude. “I share my ideas through music. It is gratifying.”

With his career in full swing, and enjoying learning about who he really is and how to honor that within himself, Archuleta does hope to get married one day.

“Family is a big part of my beliefs,” he said. “I do think of getting married. You work and live and do everything around a family; you thrive around a family. I want it to be but it has not come when I wanted it,” he explained. “It is hard to open up to be in a healthy relationship. Am I ready? It will come when it is time. It is something I am open to.”

In the meantime, Archuleta is enjoying his Christmas Tour which will conclude in Logan, Utah on Dec. 23 and has already gotten a head start with songs for 2020. Tour and ticket information can be found at https://davidarchuleta.com/home/tour/.