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Eureka (They/Them) started as a small country child in the heart of East Tennessee. Raised by a single mom whole life, scraping by in poverty. Doing their best to survive and thrive is what created Eureka's work ethic today.

Now, standing 6’4” (and that’s without heels, y’all), Eureka represents for all the big guys, girls, and gender-fluid beautiful beings, as the PLUS SIZE DRAG SUPERMODEL OF THE WORLD! One of Eureka’s goals is to give bigger people around the world the confidence to go out and live their dreams. Their passion led them to compete on nine national stages before the age of twenty-six. Today Eureka continues to STOMP their way onto the national scene with television, music, videos, songwriting, singing, acting, and modeling. Eureka is part of two Emmy nominated casts and their appearances include: We’re Here on HBO, AJ and The Queen, RuPaul’s Drag Race Seasons 9 and 10, MTV, VH1, Entertainment Tonight, and on stage in a production of Women Behind Bars.

Eureka sees themselves as the Elephant Queen because of her passion for elephants - their dedication to family, loyalty, and strength. They regard those family-oriented and brilliant pachyderms as the best representation of size-positivity, kindness, and love. Their fight is for those traits in all of us to never go extinct - and to give inspiration to their “HERD” of followers. 



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