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Celebrities Love Cho!

Margaret Cho celebrity quotes:

“I was inspired by Margaret. I got my start in comedy because of Margaret.” When I was in medical school and being her opening act at university inspired me to do this full-time. I would always ask Margaret, ‘Should I quit being a doctor? Should I quit medicine?’ I was so tortured, and I know I annoyed her. And she was so patient with me and so loving. It was just like a sibling – and it got me through my own internal confidence crises.

“Margaret really is a pioneer in so many ways. Every Asian-American comedian owes a debt of gratitude to Margaret. Also, when I developed my own show, Dr Ken, I had Margaret as my character’s sister for a reason.” Ken Jeong

"Margaret has been a friend for many years and what has always struck me is her fierce advocacy for many. She's hilarious of course, but what I respect most is how she is able to disarm people with humor to expose uncomfortable truths." Joan Jett

“The Notoroius C.H.O.! Margaret is a jack of all trades and master of many. Whether conjuring the spirits of George Carlin, Joan Rivers or Lenny Bruce, she is committed to navigating the world of comedy and uniquely making it her own. Completely unapologetic about the life experiences that have shaped her path and journey to where she is today. These are just some of the reasons I love Margaret.” Wanda Sykes

“Margaret is not only immensely witty, smart, and funny, she is a truly wonderful person with a generous spirit and huge heart. I am so honored to call her a friend and I am so happy for all of her well-deserved success.” Cyndi Lauper

"Margaret Cho inspired me since I was a kid. She was someone who was queer, Asian and doing something that you did not immediately associate with an Asian person. There's a dearth of representation when it comes to queer people or Asian people, but I have to give credit to the people who have been out here doing it, and that's definitely Margaret." Bowen Yang

Margaret Cho is a pioneering, trailblazing, genre-busting badass. She also happens to be extremely amusing.” Shirley Manson of Garbage

“Margaret made me gay.” Trixie Mattel

“Margaret Cho is bold, hilarious, unique and one of the best people in show business.” Iliza Shlesinger

“Margaret has been a mentor, true friend, and someone I’ve looked up to and only loved more and more the longer I’ve known her. She was the first person that ever told me I was meant to be a standup comedian & she has changed my life for the better 100 times over.” Jonathan Van Ness

“Margaret was the first stand up comedian I ever saw live, and she changed my life. I was so inspired by her that I even wrote a college paper about her. What can I say? She is groundbreaking, show stopping, inspiring, brilliant, kind, hilarious, and stunning.” Alaska Thunderfuck 5000

"Margaret is one of the funniest people out there,always making me laugh. She is a comedic genius with impeccable timing. Besides that, you can tell that she has a big heart, and that is an important combo." Belinda Carlisle of the Go Go’s


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