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Cherie Currie Song Commentary - Blvds Of Splendor

  1. Mr. X – “I loved singing this brilliant song. So well written and was honored to be backed by Slash, Duff and Matt. One of my favorites on the album.”

  2. Roxy Roller - “I’ve wanted to record Nick Gilder’s hit since the 80’s. Thanks Matt for making that happen and to Julie Ragins for her outstanding backing vocals!”

  3. You Wreck Me - “I wrote this song in 20 minutes and yes, it reflected my then break up situation. C’est la vie, baby!”

  4. Black Magic - “Working with The Veronica’s on this song really made it fun.”

  5. BLVDS of Splendor - “Billy Corgan is a genius. I will never forget watching him create this song. What a unique and profound moment in my life.”

  6. Force to be Reckoned With - “Holly Knight and my son, Jake Hays came together to write this song. They worked well together!”

  7. Bad and Broken - “One the most lyrically deep songs on the album.”

  8. Rock & Roll Oblivion - “ Lanny Cardola is one of my favorite people and his writing abilities shine here. This is one of my favorite songs to perform.”

  9. Shades- “Jake Hays wrote this song but Matt and I did some rewrites. Jake and I recorded a duet of his original “Shades” on my album Reverie. Now we have two unique versions of a great song!”

  10. Draggin’ The Line - “Kenny Laguna suggested this song. It was a fine addition.”

  11. Breakout - “ This was a fun collaboration with Matt at the helm. It has a bit of everything!”

  12. The Air That I Breathe - “The Holly’s version of this song has touched me all my life since childhood. It was an honor to sing it. I’m so glad Matt decided to keep it as close to the classic as possible.”

  13. What Do All The People Know ? – “A great choice from Kenny Laguna. The harmonies were fun! It’s really a great song!”

  14. Gimme - “Gina Gershon wrote this song and owned it in her original demo performance but I do love the Beach Boys musical breakdown with saxophone!”

  15. Queens of Noise - “paying homage to the late Sandy West, Matt took extra care to play just like she did. A duet with Brody Dalle made this even more of an honor. Juliette Lewis and The Veronica’s were the Cherry on Top of this Runaways favorite. We miss you Sandy! You would be so proud.”

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