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COLOURSØUND featuring Mike Peters of The Alarm and Billy Duffy of The Cult, will present an exclusive World Premiere of their brand new movie presentation – COLOURSOUND II on Wednesday July 14th 2021 at 8pm UK and also at 8pm on the same day across the entire North and South American continent. COLOURSOUND II – The World Premiere (98 mins.), documents the backstory and making of the brand new Coloursøund album that is due for official release on July 16th 2021. (For further album release information and to pre-order please visit Packed with in-studio performances and revealing fly-on-the-wall footage of the recording sessions, COLOURSOUND II – The World Premiere features candid and at times, revelatory conversation with both Billy Duffy and Mike Peters. This is a must see movie for any fan of Coloursound, The Cult or The Alarm. MOVIE TICKETS CAN BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE HERE and are priced at $14 (approx £10 UK). The Coloursøund II Movie runs for 98 minutes and each movie ticket purchase allows for multiple views for 72 hours after the premiere. MOVIE TICKETS FOR THE PREMIERE IN THE AMERICAS at 8pm EST WEDS 14th JULY 2021


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