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"Tastes Like Gold" - Track by Track"

About Tastes Like Gold

We wanted to get back to the old school Lit sound with a modern day approach to the production. It took a minute to get our heads in the right place, especially with all of the craziness going on in the world. We started writing and making demos with Carlo Colasacco and YOUTHYEAR and we knew we had tapped into the vibe we were looking for. Tastes Like Gold is the album we wanted to make.

(1) Yeah Yeah Yeah

This was the first song we wrote with Carlo & Eric. We went for a live show opener that was simple and said "Lit's back!" It sets a great tone for the album.

(2) Mouth Shut

Whether you posted something that didn't go over well, or you accidentally sent a text to the wrong person, we all have had foot in mouth disease at some point. Sometimes you wish you would have just kept it to yourself.

(3) Do It Again

Go all in, go hard, no regrets. Rinse and repeat. It’s kind of been a motto of ours for a very long time. It doesn't always end well but it sure keeps it interesting!

(4) Kicked Off The Plane

Kicked Off The Plane is a pretty literal song that practically wrote itself after a crazy layover in Chicago. We got delayed for several hours coming back from a show and might have had a little too much time on our hands in the airport lounge.

(5) Ok With That

This is a song about a love story so strong that even if the world ended today, you would be ok with that just having been able to feel that kind of connection.

(6) The Life That I Got

We wrote this with our friends from American Authors. It's a party anthem about being happy with what you have and celebrating the life you created and the people in it.

(7) Get Out Of My Song

As hard as we might try to not always write about a girl or relationship troubles, they still manage to sneak their way into our songs.

(8) Tastes Like Gold

​​This song really stands out with its 6/8 time signature. It has a nostalgic feel but it's a bit dark at the same time. It's inspired by addiction, which can be so many things. A relationship, or a substance. You know it's bad for you but you still find a romance with it.

(9) Here’s To Another

We tend to have a song on each album that is kind of a toast. Here's to another shot is also about appreciating getting another chance!

(10) Hold that Thought

It's rough sometimes to be on the road away from your loved ones, but it's even harder for the ones left at home. We are always on planes, in vehicles full of dudes, loud environments, and lots of distracting situations that make it a challenge to have those talks you need to have sometimes.

(11) Out Of It

This is a song about asking your partner to have faith in you and the relationship. It's a promise to do whatever it takes to get out of a tough situation.

(12) Let’s Go

It’s one of our favorite Cars songs. We had to cover it. And it was awesome to have Butch Walker and Jason Freese on it with us.


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