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ET CANADA: OUTtv Announces New Drag Reality Series ‘Call Me Mother’

By RACHEL WEST. 2 Jun 2021 8:15 PM

Get ready to meet the next generation of drag superstars in OUTtv’s new reality competition series “Call Me Mother”, hosted by none other than Dallas Dixon, the face of ET Canada’s Pride digital series.

Arriving on OUTtv, the world’s first LGBTQ+ network, “Call Me Mother” will see drag mothers Peppermint, Crystal and Barbada adopt and mentor up-and-coming drag talent over an 8-week journey as they compete to win the title of “First Child Of Drag” and a $50,000 prize package.

The drag artists will aim to get into one of three houses – Peppermint’s House of Dulcet, Crystal’s House of Glass and Barbada’s House of Harmonie – along with the opportunity to be mentored and coached by a renowned drag performer. The houses will compete weekly as a family in a series of challenges, with the drag mother of the losing house eliminating one of her own.

The series won’t premiere until this fall, but ET Canada’s Keshia Chante got the tea on the exciting new project from Dixon.

“I am so excited, Keshia, it is incredible”, Dixon teases, explaining how the competition will work.

“We have amazing drag artists on the show. But what I love about this show most is we have three iconic drag performers who are mentoring these artists as mothers,” he continues, praising the show’s three drag mothers. “We have Miss Peppermint. [She] is an icon. Our second mother is Crystal and Crystal is Canadian, so we love that. And our final mother is Barbada, who is a French icon. Barbada just wears her heart on her sleeve and she comes from teaching background and it was super interesting to see how that teaching background played into her motherly advice through this competition.”

“I’m excited to join the cast of ‘Call Me Mother’, I can’t wait to see what fresh talent Canada has to offer. I’m particularly interested in exploring drag that doesn’t have as much mainstream representation,” said Peppermint, “Call Me Mother” Drag Mother.

Meanwhile, the series’ Drag Mother Barbada said: “‘Call Me Mother’ is a Drag Show like no other. It doesn’t feel at all like a competition (even though it is), but more like a big family. Everyone is incredibly friendly; everyone loves each other; everyone wants to help everyone.”

“I’m so excited for people to watch ‘Call Me Mother’! I loved filming the series and I can’t wait for viewers to meet our gorgeous, adopted families. Viewers can expect warmth, humour, diversity, lewks and bucketloads of talent. You’re going to DIE!” said the show’s Drag Mother Crystal.


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