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Peppermint – “A Girl Like Me – Letters To My Lovers” Song Commentary

Photo credit: Carl Giant

Vol 1:

Best Sex” - A song for and about the fuqbois and my addiction to them.

"As much as I hate to admit it, the best distraction from the search for love is good sex."

Chosen One” - Celebrates the feeling of being publicly claimed.

"I can't keep track of the people who have made private advances, but I can count on one hand how many have wanted to hold me up in public. When you least expect it, in a dating world where being trans feels like a liability, the best feeling is being publicly claimed."

A Girl Like Me” - The most important song on the album. It's a love song that speaks directly to trans experiences.

It’s about the love between a transgender person and their partner and asks the question; do you see me, do you hear me, do you love me? I think it's just human to want to love and be loved. Girls like me rarely get to realize those dreams and who instead are just trying to be accepted."

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” - Thoughts that run through my head after the first night of sex, before the sun comes up.

"I'm a big fan of Carole King, I've lived in the lyrics so many nights. I think we can all relate to the question 'is this real?'."

Every Morning” - A fairy tale love song about how a great first night can turn into many great mornings.

"This song is like my musical dollhouse. Where two lovers can just love in all their queerness."


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